SAIC Clause

Category: Customer Code: C024 Last Update: 23


In the event your company is supplying an item with a unique part number, different than that identified in our solicitation or Purchase Order, your company must supply the buyer with a Certification of Conformance that your item is exactly the same in form, fit and function of that item identified in our solicitation or Purchase Order. Additionally, if multiple items on the solicitation or Purchase Order fall into this category, the Certification will contain a list of the items as well as the cross-reference to the alternate item. The Certification of Conformance shall be on your Company letterhead, and must include the following information: The Original Equipment Manufacturer's Name and Part Number(s) that coincide with the Alternate Equipment Manufacturer's Part Number(s); A statement that the parts are exactly the same in Form, Fit and Function; Quantity; and Signature of Authorized Company Representative with date, as a minimum. Failure to provide this information will be cause for rejection, and will impact your invoice and delay payment. Non-conforming material will be returned and/or replaced by the Supplier at no cost to the Customer.