SAIC Clause

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MARKING - Unless otherwise noted on this PO, each line item or its package (when items are unit packaged) must be tagged or marked with the SAIC PO and Line Item No, Part Number, Revision, and Quantity. PHYSICAL ITEM IDENTIFICATION/BARE ITEM MARKING (1) Unless authorized by exclusions listed below, items shall be marked as specified in the current military standard 130 (MIL-STD-130). The following supplemental marking requirements shall take precedence in case of conflict with MIL-STD-130:

(a) Unless the design control document specifically cites other marking requirements, the item will be considered too small to mark under the conditions listed below (however, IP027 Packing and marking Requirements for Federal Stock Class (FSC) 5961 and Semiconductors and Hardware Devices and FSC 5962 Electronic Microcircuits) applies:

(2) For federal supply classes (FSCs) 5905, 5910, 5935, 5961, 5962, and 5999, items smaller than .100 inch in diameter and .250 inch in length or .100-inch square X .250 inch in length, exclusive of wire leads, will not be marked.

(3) Items from other FSCs will not be marked if the item is smaller than .250 inch in diameter X
.500-inch-long or .250-inch square X .500-inch-long, exclusive of wire leads.

(4) Restrictions (1) and (2) above will not preclude marking of items of smaller dimensions if it is the manufacturer’s standard practice to do so.

(a) No other physical item marking exclusions are authorized unless specified by MIL-STD- 130.