SAIC Clause

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Supplies furnished shall contain no free mercury (metallic form) or mercury compounds (e.g. mercuric oxide and mercuric chloride) without written approval of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Note: Seller shall per form a review to obtain reasonable assurance that mercury is not being used in the supplies (e.g. review of drawing parts lists and material lists). Mercury bearing instruments and equipment (i.e. those in- struments and equipment containing free mercury) shall not be used in the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, testing, etc., of any supplies. Note: (a) The most probable causes of mercury contamination are direct connected manometers, mercury vacuum pumps, mercury seals, mercury-in-glass thermome- ters, or handling free mercury in the immediate vicinity of supplies. (b) Seller shall perform a review of his facilities to provide reasonable assurance that supplies are not in danger of mercury contamination (e.g. check of instruments and test equipment). (c) In case of doubt or question of manufactruing procedures, equipment, or instruments regarding mercury, contact SAIC for assistance. (d) In the event of any accident involving mercury contamination or suspicion of such contamination of supplies, SAIC shall be notified immediately. Seller shall develop the same assurance and confidence of compliance with the mercury exclusion clause as he does with other specification requirements (e.g. toxic materials, flammable materials, fragile materials, and radioactive materials). NOTE: SELLER MUST PROVIDE A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE OR OTHER ATTESTING DOCUMENTATION STATING THE MATERIAL AND ALL PROCESSES ARE MERCURY FREE. EACH SHIPMENT REQUIRES A MERCURY FREE CERTIFICATE. Subcontractors shall be notified of this requirement by the seller and subcontractors must also comply with the mercury exclusion requirements.