SAIC Clause

Category: Customer Code: C021 Last Update: 26


TRACEABILITY TO RAW MATERIALS (LEVEL OF ESSENTIALITY) All items fabricated under this Purchase Order shall be traceable to raw materials used. All traceability and inspection records must be identifiable with raw materials, parts, or assemblies to which they are applicable and shall be available upon request or audit by the buyer or customer representatives. A) Raw materials used shall be identified by lot number as well as material type, specification, heat number, etc., and shall be identifiable with lot of raw materials used. When two (2) or more parts are joined in an assembly, the seller shall prepare an assembly parts list identifying each in the assembly and the lot of raw material from which it was fabricated. B) All material fabricated by the seller in one lot shall be identifiable to that lot when supplied to the buyer. When the seller is combining material fabricated in two or more different lots to fulfill purchase order requirements, these materials shall be segregated and identifiable to the lot in which it was fabricated.